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Because you matter.

Physiofit Nashville

New name, new face, same great group fitness workout and Physiofit culture!

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Yes, you actually can get a world class experience from group fitness! If you are seeking the ultimate community feeling in a workout that is fueled by intelligence, energy and experience, look no further.

PhysioX isn’t just about burning calories or getting shredded. We want to see you build your strongest foundation, perform movements intentionally, and protect your muscles and joints from injury.

Even if you’ve never touched a weight before, our coaches will help you believe in your own strength and power through a series of compound movements, exciting circuits and tried-and-true high-intensity interval work.

At PhysioX, you are the machine. We bring the energy, you bring the hard work; we’ll crush those goals together!

PhysioX Member Options

PhysioX Gold

  • Unlimited Classes for 30 Days
  • No contract!
  • $349 every month

PhysioX Platinum

  • Unlimited Classes for 30 Days
  • 6 Month Minimum Contract
  • $279 every month

PhysioX VIP

  • Unlimited Classes for 30 Days
  • 12 Month Minimum Contract
  • $259 every month
  • Includes our Total Transformation Package:
  • Annual nutrition consult with Molly Drew, RDN (1hr)
  • Quarterly body fat testing and analysis
  • Annual movement assessment with one of our coaches (1hr)
  • Personalized group schedule recommendations
  • And…Valued Partner Perks: local discounts from our favorite small businesses!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our experienced coaches will meet you where you are and assist you with any questions you might have. You can take the class at your own pace and push where you need it. You will be encouraged every step of the way – we can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

Always. Please let our coaches know before class if there is a movement you’re uncomfortable with or need to avoid; they can also help you modify anything that doesn’t feel right or causes you pain.

We use ski-ergs, rowing and assault bikes to train your cardiovascular system in a low impact way that is suitable for most people. There is no running in a PhysioX class.

PhysioSTRONG: Build strength and transform your fitness with simple, effective movements. You’ll use dumbbells, kettlebells, bands and more to get stronger while honing total-body athletic performance in a high-energy environment.

PhysioHIIT: PhysioHIIT is not your average HIIT class. We train functional strength in weighted, plyometric and bodyweight exercises to build speed and power. You’ll burn calories, increase your anaerobic functioning and push yourself to your limits – all in 45 non-stop minutes. You can get the most out of your HIIT class using your Myzone monitor (not required for participation).

PhysioSTRAPS: No weights? No problem! PhysioSTRAPS uses the TRX system and your bodyweight to train strength, endurance and power in the most simple, effective way. PhysioSTRAPS is suitable for all ages, all abilities and all conditions and is the perfect accompaniment to your STRONG and HIIT classes. Don’t believe us? Watch how your lifts can get stronger with just 45 minutes on the STRAPS!

PhysioBURN: Conquered STRONG and HIIT? Wanting more? Come BURN in our most challenging class yet. BURN is different; you’ll have the freedom to push yourself further, reaching new levels of intensity and endurance in an innovative workout that changes every time.”

PhysioBALANCE: Yoga with a twist – come relax, recharge and renew with our special blend of restorative yoga and myofascial release. The perfect active recovery for your schedule, BALANCE helps you get the most out of your strength classes by keeping a healthy and mobile body.

We have plenty of complimentary parking located at the front, side and back of the building. We currently have one shower in each gendered bathroom. Each is fully stocked with all the products you need to get ready for the next part of your day!

We supply both shower and sweat towels free of charge. Complimentary cold filtered water is available (so bring a bottle to fill up!) or you can purchase a bottle for $3. We have a number of healthy snacks and drinks to purchase before or after your workout.

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